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Unfortunately, many homeowners in New Jersey have been subjected to the devastating effects of foreclosure in the last several years. New Jersey had the highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the U.S. in 2014 at 5.5% in addition to the highest delinquency rate at 9.1%. Due to lack of state funding to pay mediators, the foreclosure mediation program that was initiated in New Jersey has become non-existent. Because of this, many of the foreclosure cases in the system were unresolvable as the banks and the homeowners were unable to work out modifications on the defaulted mortgages.

However, the 2012 decision of Guillaume allows the trial courts to proceed with two additional remedies when faced with a defective Notice of Intent to Foreclose including ordering the service of a corrected notice if the original one was defective; allow other remedies in accordance with what is appropriate for the case; as well as allowing the court to dismiss the foreclosure action.

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