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Forming a Corporation

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In New Jersey, all corporate names must include the word “Corporation,” “Company,” “Incorporated,” “Ltd.” or any abbreviation thereof. Additionally, there are limitations on choosing names in that it must be distinguishable from the names of other corporations, organizations, or non-profits. For example, words such as “Olympic,” “Little League,” “Realtor,” and “Trust” are not permitted.

Under New Jersey law, professionals such as accountants, attorneys, and physicians may form a professional corporation (P.C.), also known as a Professional Association (P.A.).

New Jersey law requires that a corporation have at least one director. The director need not reside in the state, but must be at least 18 years of age. A Certificate of Incorporation must be filed with the Secretary of State and provide the names and addresses of all directors of the corporation. However, it does not need to contain such information for all officers of the corporation.

The Certificate of Incorporation also must provide the name and address for the registered agent of the corporation. This person must be available during normal business hours to accept important legal and tax documents for the business.

The Certificate must also detail information about the stock issued by the corporation. Authorized shares and par value must be listed in the Certificate of Incorporation. An increase in the number of shares of par value does not affect initial filing fees.

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