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What Do You Need to Incorporate?

Incorporating your business can seem like a daunting prospect for anyone who has not done it before. While it is less complicated than many people think, there are many factors that go into incorporation that need to be considered for anyone seeking to incorporate a business. Here are the most important things you need to do so you can incorporate your business venture.

Before you can incorporate your business, you need to have someone designated as a registered agent for the corporation. A registered agent is someone authorized to receive legal and financial documents on behalf of the corporation, and is typically one of the business’ owners, or an attorney for the business. You must also appoint at least one person to be a director for the corporation, who will hold meetings of the board of directors to dictate the direction of the business going forward. If your corporation is only owned and operated by one person, it is acceptable for the registered agent and sole director to be the same person.

Once you have those people in place, you will need to file a Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State, which should have the names and addresses of all the corporation’s directors. It should also have information about any stock issued by the corporation, including any classes of stock and how they are distinguished from one another (i.e. voting vs. non-voting stock, or preferred vs. common stock). At this point, assuming everything has gone well, you should be ready to hold your first meeting of the board of directors, formally adopt your company’s bylaws, and get ready to do business as a corporation.

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