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How Can Commercial Transactions Go Wrong?

Every business relies on the ability to efficiently conduct transactions with its customers, without being impeded by unnecessary hurdles or concerns. And yet, any business that is not careful can find itself dealing with the consequences of a poorly thought out contract or some legal problem they did not foresee. Here are just some of the ways that commercial transactions can go wrong:

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What is a Conflict of Interest, and How Can it Affect Your Business?

An often underestimated, but potentially dangerous, threat to any business is the risk of a conflict of interest among its executives or directors. If left unaddressed, a conflict of interest can result in a conflicted director or executive reaping potentially substantial profits at the expense of the business as a whole. But what exactly is a conflict of interest, and how do you avoid the potential problems that can be caused by a conflict of interest?

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Why Might You Need to Get a Business Divorce?

While not strictly a legal term of art, a business needing to be broken up due to its owners no longer being able, or willing, to do business with one another may lead to a “business divorce”. The process of a business divorce can be nearly as complex and stressful as a personal divorce depending on the issues involved. But why would someone ever need to get a business divorce?

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What Do You Need to Incorporate?

Incorporating your business can seem like a daunting prospect for anyone who has not done it before. While it is less complicated than many people think, there are many factors that go into incorporation that need to be considered for anyone seeking to incorporate a business. Here are the most important things you need to do so you can incorporate your business venture. Continue reading “What Do You Need to Incorporate?”

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