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Estate Administration

New Jersey Estate Administration Attorneys

The attorneys at Hunziker, Champion, Romer & Miller understand that when a loved one dies, settling their estate can be emotional, overwhelming and confusing. The process of estate administration involves gathering the assets associated with the estate, paying any debts your loved one may have left, and distributing what remains of the assets after those debts have been paid.

Probate is the first step in the process of administering an estate. This proves that a will is valid, and the estate can be administered to the beneficiaries, according to the decedent’s wishes. These matters are handled in probate court, also known as surrogate court.

It is not uncommon that a will may be contested during the probate process. If such an event arises, the dispute can be a difficult and emotional issue. In addition to settling the matter by litigation, alternatives exist to resolve such disputes that can be more cost-effective and provide emotional benefits as well. Mediation and arbitration are two alternative methods to resolving probate disputes.

It is important to retain the services of an attorney who is experienced at handling trusts and estates issues when going through the probate process. The lawyers at Hunziker, Champion, Romer & Miller have the skills and experience to help you with these matters. Call (973) 256-0456 or fill out our contact form for a consultation.

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