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What is a Will?
A will is a legal document that directs how your property will be distributed after your death, and who will be in charge of it until it is distributed.

There are many misconceptions that arise with wills. For example, many people think they do not need to worry about wills until they are close to death. Additionally, many think that wills are unnecessary unless you possess a substantial amount of wealth. However, it does not matter how old or wealthy you are. A will is necessary to avoid disputes that may arise among loved ones concerning assets or property after your death.

When you sign a will, you make important decisions such as who is to administer your estate, and be a guardian to your children. Without a will, these kinds of decisions can be left up to the courts. An estate must be administered regardless of whether there was a will. However, a will can reduce the costs associated with administration, taxes, and other expenses.

A will can be changed any time before your death as long as you are competent. You should consider reviewing potential changes to your will any time there is a change in the law, family structure, or to your finances. The attorneys at Hunziker, Champion, Romer & Miller can assist you with drafting and executing your will and any subsequent changes. Call (973) 256-0456 or fill out our contact form for a consultation.

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